About Us

Moboom’s Mission

To inspire everyday successes through powerful, adaptive web technology.

Our Story

We founded Moboom because we wanted a better way to organize and deliver content on the ever-growing plethora of new devices. Founder and CEO Gavin Burnett, a veteran of the digital media world, and the Moboom team, set out to create the world’s best adaptive content management system and responsive design platform—all rolled up into one incredibly powerful tool. 

It wasn’t an easy task, but they did it. And what they built has since grown even more powerful. To say that Moboom is a website building platform or a content management system doesn’t quite do it justice—Moboom changes the rules of web development. 

We believe in the strength of our mission statement: Our platform really does inspire everyday successes. It helps enterprises and publishers increase their revenue; it helps agencies impress their clients with customization and speed; and it helps designers and developers use the full spectrum of their skill sets more efficiently than ever. 

The history of Moboom goes back to 2009, when the world first began obsessing over all things mobile. With a background in traditional publishing and a clear view of where media was going, Gavin partnered with a first-generation mobile platform and began selling it internationally, eventually purchasing its intellectual property rights. 

Equipped with years of experience and a vision of a better approach, the Moboom team ditched the original platform’s antiquated code and started developing a newer, better solution from scratch. 

In July 2012, the Company introduced the new, improved and fully rebranded original version of Moboom. Currently, publishers, agencies and developers around the world enjoy version 3 of the platform, which boasts fully responsive features, an adaptive content management system and the extendible Moboom Marketplace.

Executive Team

Gavin Burnett

Founder & CEO

In 2009, Gavin founded Moboom and has served as chief executive officer ever since. As the company's CEO, he has secured partners and clients in more than a dozen countries across Asia, Europe and Australia. Gavin has more than 12 years’ experience in digital media and technology, as a business owner and senior executive in a listed media company. Previously, he founded technology company BigRedSky, taking the organization from concept to national business in just a few years, and winning many government and corporate contracts. The business was ultimately purchased by international media group Thomson Reuters. Gavin has earned considerable commercial recognition: He was an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, and he’s been listed in Business Review Weekly’s Fastest Growing Companies.

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Melvin Tan


Melvin brings more than 14 years of corporate leadership experience to his CFO role. Prior to Moboom, he worked as a finance executive in both public and private companies. Melvin served as the Australasia Financial Controller for Gemcom Software International for more than eight years, and helped make Gemcom into the world-leading mine management software company it is today. He was responsible for all regional financial and legal matters and played a key role in Gemcom’s expansion throughout Asia. Prior to Gemcom, Melvin worked as a Management Accountant for Schlumberger and as an Accountant at RSM Bird Cameron. He is a Certified Practicing Accountant and holds bachelor’s degrees in Law and Commerce.

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Management Team

David Penner

VP, Engineering

David has led Moboom’s software engineering efforts since 2012. Previously, he worked as the Vice President of Engineering at BluLabel, where he was responsible for operation of all of the company’s daily deals ecommerce websites, with a peak audience of 50 million people and 11,000 transactions per site per day. David oversaw all engineering consulting projects from planning to customer delivery. He served as the technology interface for all business partners, and worked closely with developers to architect technical approaches for projects. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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James Knutila

Director, Marketing

As Director of Marketing, James has led Moboom’s customer acquisition efforts since 2013.

In his previous role at Condé Nast, he was responsible for digital audience development strategy for a group of magazines including Vanity Fair. He developed and implemented successful launch marketing campaigns for over 20 Condé Nast digital editions and apps, including The New Yorker, GQ, and Vogue.

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Board Members

Michael Collins

Michael is the Managing Director of the Flinders Group and an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and holds a number of company board positions. He has more than 20 years' experience in advising companies from startup to exit, with expertise in strategy, structuring and corporate finance. Michael is a Chartered Accountant, a Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia, a Registered Tax Agent and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree.

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Hugh Millikin

Hugh, a native Canadian, immigrated to Australia in 1988 where he founded the Indigo Pacific Group; a technology company specialising in office automation solutions. His experience includes commencing and building businesses in China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, Canada and Australia and counts over 100 major corporations in the region as customers as well as State and Federal Governments. In his spare time, Hugh is the Captain (Skip) of the Australian Curling team, Vice President of the World Curling Federation and a delegate to the Australian Olympic Committee.

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