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Add a Facebook Like Button

Posted by: Niklas Nordlof on 2015-03-17

Give your visitors an easy way to share your blog posts and products with a Facebook Like button.

Steal These Responsive Navigation Menu Ideas

Posted by: James Knutila on 2013-10-16
Responsive navigation menu examples that prove your content can be accessible no matter how complex your site may be. 

How to Add the Facebook Widget to Your Site

Posted by: Niklas Nordlof on 2014-04-30

Get likes and show Facebook activity on your site with the Facebook widget.

9 Reasons Why Mobile Testing Should Happen On Real Devices

Posted by: James Knutila on 2013-10-11
Mobile testing on real devices should be a part of every design process. Here are 9 reasons why. 

Using the Product Switch, Add to Cart and PayPal Checkout Widgets Together

Posted by: JB Roth on 2013-12-05

How to use the Product Switch, Add to Cart, and PayPal Widgets together. 

A Beginner's Guide to Usability Testing

Posted by: Niklas Nordlof on 2014-05-06

Get started with usability testing with these 5 easy steps. Usability tests are a powerful tool in shaping the design and development of a great site.

Quick Tip: How to Add the Disqus Widget

Posted by: Niklas Nordlof on 2013-11-11

How to add the Disqus widget to your Moboom site.

Infographic: Why Mobile Search Can't Be Ignored

Posted by: James Knutila on 2013-09-12
Our friends at Marketing Exchange put together this handy infographic showing where high-value visitors are coming from: mobile search. 30 billion mobile searches will happen this year, and 84% of these users will take action after their search. In light of numbers like these, it's worth a closer look. 

Correctly Manage Your Preferred Domain

Posted by: Niklas Nordlof on 2014-07-31

Set up www.example.com and example.com to interact properly. Otherwise, your traffic and search engine rankings will suffer. To properly handle this situation, use a 301 redirect. You can also tell Google which version you prefer.

Product Update: New Navigation and Search Features

Posted by: James Knutila on 2013-09-17
Next time you log in to Moboom’s site building platform, you’ll notice a few upgrades that we think you’re going to like. We’ve introduced new search and navigation features that make it easier to manage your websites and content.