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Moboom was founded in 2009 by experienced and multi award winning IT executive Gavin Burnett. The company was originally established to capitalise of the rapidly growing mobile phone market and the desire for consumers to easily view websites on mobile devices. Hence the name Moboom – Mobile Boom for short. 

The company was successful in securing contracts with major media players in several countries in the South East Asian and Oceania region. Clients included Fairfax, News Limited, Carsales, iProperty and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). 

In 2009, the standard solution for delivering mobile sites was to have one website for PC users and a second, standalone site for mobile users. Most mobile web platform could only deliver to some more modern phones. There were no PC platforms (eg Wix) that could deliver to mobile devices.

The need for change

It became clear to the company around 2011 that the market would eventually need a single platform to enable the creation of websites that would work across any device. The company made the decision to focus on the development of a new technology platform to achieve this and become the first and foremost technology to deliver websites across all devices. It also wanted to invent a way to do this on a global scale, programmatically creating websites from data. The combination would provide a compelling offering in the market. 

That project required a completely new way of thinking. The way that every other platform enabled websites to be built relied on the browser to read instructions created by developers. This was not a scalable solution, nor one that enabled easy maintenance. 

The project took around four years and around A$30m in private equity funding to build a platform that has the unique capability to enable the production of websites that work on any device and on a significant scale. The company was successful in securing a Patent in relation to the platform and has another pending.

Staying ahead of the curve

The company’s foresight was rewarded when in April 2015, Google changed its search algorithms to reward websites that could respond to the device that was accessing a website. In simple terms a website was not device specific, that website would appear lower in Google search rankings or not at all. 

Moboom’s technology went one better than Google’s requirements in that it could detect the device accessing a Moboom website and deliver content and structure, specific to that device in the fastest time of any web platform on the planet. It was a process called adaptive delivery, which also enables Moboom websites to be easily updated form one central point. 

The other unique feature that Moboom had created was the ability to programmatically create large numbers of websites based on structured data feeds. Essentially, Moboom can ingest any amount of content from any directory style websites and programmatically create a custom website for each business listed in the directory.

Leveraging our partnerships

Moboom pursued a range of partnerships with various directories over 2015 however it zeroed in on Hotfrog as its main target. The primary reasons for pursuing Hotfrog were its global presence in 40+ countries and more than 70 million listings (as of 2015). The negotiations took more than 12 months to complete and in November 2016, Moboom acquired 100% ownership of Hotfrog. Moboom recognised the value was in the data given the company’s unique ability to leverage content. However there was no other technology platform capable of exploiting the database to programmatically create a custom website for each individual business listed in the directory. 

With the technology and now the client base in house of more than 100 million subscribers, in 2017 Moboom is now ready to fully commercialise the technology platform it created.

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