Co-marketing partnerships

Bring a small business web product to market in a fraction of the time.

Co-marketing partners get:

A co-branded experience

Package Moboom technology with the look, feel, and message that fits your brand.

Exclusive offers

Customize the templates, add-ons, integrations, and price to fit your business.

Lead generation

Attract new customers and leads with a cutting-edge website product.

Affiliate revenue for all market purchases

You collect 10% of everything your customers buy from the Moboom Market, forever.

Your product, powered by Moboom.

Register users under your brand.

You direct users to a registration site that fits your brand. Users can learn about the product, browse website templates, and select the bundle of features that works best for them.


User selects a template and configures their site with the easy-to-use site manager tool.


User select a theme, fills out a contact form, and contacts your team for fulfillment.

Moboom Market

For your customers

The Market has templates, widgets, modules, integrations, content, and services. Everything your customers need to grow their business.

For your business

Co-marketing partners are featured monthly emails, and get quarterly co-branded, dedicated emails to the entire Moboom community. Plus, partners collect affiliate revenue for all items purchased by their customers.

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