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Moboom enables its data partners to reach a global network of directories via its powerful bulk publishing API.

Moboom has partnered with some of the world’s leading data aggregators to enable them to connect their business listings to multiple local and global online directories.

The Moboom bulk publishing API handles millions of business listings across dozens of publishers and ensures customer data is accurately distributed and displayed. 

Advice Local
Nerd Monstor

Data Partner News

Data Partners

Data network extends to 10

Moboom has extended its network of data publishers to 10 with the recent addition of Advice Local.

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Data network extends to 10

Data Partners

Moboom secures global license deal with

Moboom, owner of the global directory service Hotfrog and have agreed to use each other’s technology for the benefit of their respective databases of small business subscribers.

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Moboom secures global license deal with

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