Moboom drives customer focused innovation

Australia’s Moboom goes All-in on AWS to serve customers globally and drive customer focused innovation

June 2019

Moboom, one of Australia’s leading website hosting companies, has gone “all-in” with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help it scale globally and support some of the fastest web platforms and websites in the world.

Moboom has demonstrated its capability to rapidly produce millions of websites programmatically from client data, including for Yext, where Moboom created 600,000 individual sites for Yext’s United States customer base.

Over the past year, Moboom’s tech team, based in the US, and local technology partner Data Solutions Group (DSG), have used AWS to upgrade the platform and transfer their technology from Seattle to AWS’ Sydney Region.

Moboom and its wholly owned subsidiary Classified Media Group is now ready to launch its sales and marketing campaign to the 100 million small businesses that have listings in its global Hotfrog database.

Moboom CEO, Gavin Burnett said “This is Australian technology leading the world in website speed, hosting and security and of course scalability.”

“By utilising AWS’ global infrastructure, Moboom has the ability to scale globally and can provide the fastest web platform and websites regardless of where our users are in the world.”

The architect of the platform, CTO, David Penner said “by utilising services such as Amazon Elasticsearch service, we do not have to worry about the scalability and security of our data. Not having to worry about this frees up our own teams to concentrate on platform innovation, and not just maintainability.”

“With AWS's multi-Region backups and auto scalability, we do not have to worry about being in a situation where our services are down,” he said

“AWS elastic scaling capabilities allow us to control costs, by only running instances that we need. Servers can be brought up and down instantly, based on current demand.”

This innovation will drive down the cost of building and maintain a web presence for SMBs globally. And given Moboom can programmatically produce stunning websites from client data the cost of delivering finished products to the client is negligible. 

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Moboom creates powerful global relationship with Yext

Moboom, through its wholly owned online business directory network, Hotfrog and award-winning digital knowledge management company Yext have created powerful global relationship.

Moboom creates powerful global relationship with Yext

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