Hotfrog migrated to 38 countries

Moboom and complete Hotfrog migration for 38 countries - adding six new countries

June 2019

Moboom Limited is pleased to announce that it has completed the migration of all 32 Hotfrog country directories onto’s Central Index platform. The Company has also added 6 new country directories, which brings the total number of Hotfrog directories to 38.

The achievement also enables Hotfrog to significantly reduce exposure to technology and personnel costs as has now assumed management of the directories including sales and support as per the commercial agreement. It has also locked in revenue growth for Moboom products which are marketing to the Hotfrog subscriber base.

Further revenue growth is anticipated in the near term as 12 more country sites are scheduled to be deployed by the end of Q3, 2019, bringing the total number of country sites to 50. At that stage Hotfrog will be present in the 30 countries that top internet usage globally.

The massive footprint provides a platform for to market Moboom products to the small business subscribers in each country Hotfrog has a presence. 

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