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Moboom integrates voice search

Integrated voice search capability into the Moboom web pages.

June 2019

Moboom has now integrated voice search capability into the web pages produced by the Moboom DXP. This ensures web pages are “visible” to voice search engines and products. This is a significant advantage for Moboom partners and customers.

Moboom can produce VoicePages from its DXP platform and deliver them to any device, including wearables. This breakthrough ensures that no matter how a consumer is conducting a search – mobile, PC, voice – businesses that have Moboom powered web pages can be found. The Voice search capability will also be deployed to the Hotfrog database of small businesses.

Consumers are constantly using their devices to find products and services they want and need. They do this in a great variety of ways from typing search queries into their PC, tablet or mobile device or by simply speaking to one of the various voice devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo.

The range of ways that people are searching for things has never been more diverse. Over the next few years, voice is predicted to reach 50% of all searches – however its important to understand that voice search results are generally a product of a business existing online presence.

So for a business trying to get found it is essential that their web presence has as many bases covered as possible. For example, it seems that Google Home will provide results from the first three search results that would appear in a manual search. Therefore a business needs to ensure it has claimed its Google my Business listing and has web presence that meets Google’s requirements for search. However, voice search is not restricted to Google Home. Microsoft (Bing) and Amazon (Alexa) all have a decent share of the voice assistant market and can’t be ignored when publishing online business information. And voice search is local – around 22% of all voice searches are queries about local products, services and events. However, less than 1% of websites are currently voice enabled

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