San Francisco, Nov. 17, 2013 – Moboom, a responsive design tool that leverages adaptive technology, aims for rapid expansion through its Country License Program and is seeking high-level investment partners to launch regional subsidiaries, such as Moboom Germany or Moboom Singapore, in Eurasia. The Country License gives investors the exclusive right to sell Moboom services and technology in their designated region. 

Gavin Burnett, founder and CEO of Moboom, says he’s seeking hands-on investment partners with experience growing businesses to play a key role in launching Moboom’s Eurasia subsidiaries. In return, they’ll earn substantial recurring license revenue.

The Opportunity

With Eurasia among the worldwide leaders in mobile consumption, tipping 60% smartphone penetration in countries such as Sweden and Singapore, there is huge demand for future-proof web design solutions that will adapt to the multitude of devices that people use today. In short, this rapid adoption rate means hundreds of thousands of businesses in Eurasia need to look to the future and redesign their websites. 

“When you step back and look at mobile consumption and how businesses are responding to new tech, there’s an obvious gap that Moboom plans to fill with its adaptive website technology,” Burnett said. “Our goal is to strategically create a presence in countries like Germany and Singapore to help businesses adapt to the next new device, not to play a game of catch up.” 

The Leadership

Burnett, a digital media and mobile web entrepreneur, has successfully grown two Internet businesses over the past decade, one of which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. He started the company in 2009 after acquiring intellectual property rights to another web platform and later recruited mobile-first tech visionary Jef Rice, Moboom’s Chief Operating Officer, to build a newer, better, more future-proof platform from the ground up. 


Moboom is a responsive web design platform and adaptive content management system rolled into one incredibly powerful tool. Our platform makes it easy to build a website that adapts to any device, including desktop, tablets, smartphones and feature phones. Using patent-pending adaptive technology, Moboom constructs each web page server-side, delivering content customized for the viewing device. Founded in 2009, Moboom headquarters are located in San Francisco with satellite offices in Los Angeles, London and Perth, Australia.