Moboom Introduces Reseller Network at ad:tech

San Francisco, March 26, 2014— Moboom, a responsive design tool that leverages adaptive technology, today unveiled the Moboom Reseller Network to thousands of agencies at ad:tech San Francisco. The Reseller Network gives digital services agencies a faster, more efficient way to build responsive websites for clients who require a site that works across all devices, including desktop, tablets and mobile. The Moboom site-building platform solves major headaches for agencies that provide design and development services: It removes the need to code everything by hand; it significantly reduces development time; and it increases agency margins on responsive websites. 

"Because building responsive websites typically demands more resources in the form of time and talent, agencies stand to make more money on responsive sites," Jef Rice, Moboom chief operating officer, said. "Moboom gives digital services agencies a way to increase that profit margin by tackling the resource restraints around coding responsive sites, allowing them to build more sites in less time." 

Reseller Benefits

The Moboom Reseller Network is designed to help digital services agencies build responsive websites or responsive landing pages easier and faster than they could on their own. The platform leverages the most advanced technologies in the website industry to make responsive design more accessible to even the smallest digital agency. Now, with the Reseller Network, agencies benefit from a program built to help them succeed. 

  • Discounts: Resellers get a 10% montly rebate on all websites published or access to deeply discounted unpublished rates, depending on their level. 
  • Leads: Premium Resellers gain access to prospective clients, pre-qualified by Moboom, who want to hire a pro to build a responsive website. 
  • Training: Moboom provides video tutorials, webinars and personalized training for qualified resellers. 
  • Private Label: Resellers get access to a private label platform that allows customization of logo, domain, emails and preview URLs. 
  • CRM: The customer relationship management feature allows all resellers to manage their client relationships and easily interact. 
  • Support: Resellers get ongoing support and training on the Moboom platform, as well as first-access to newly released products and features. 

Reseller Levels

Moboom offers three levels of participation, making it possible for agencies of all sizes to benefit from joining the Moboom Reseller Network. 

Join the Moboom Reseller Network as a Premium Reseller before April 30 to get a five-site pack for free. Go to for more information about the program. 


Moboom is a responsive web design platform that makes it easy to build a website that adapts to any device, including desktop, tablets and mobile phones. Using patent-pending adaptive technology, Moboom constructs each web page server-side, delivering content customized for the viewing device. Founded in 2009, Moboom headquarters are located in San Francisco with satellite offices in Los Angeles, and Perth, Australia.