Moboom has created a range of modular digital products that are all managed from a single studio. The Partner has great flexibility in extending any of the products or creating their own new products using the powerful development platform.

Moboom Studio

Fast, Efficient Website Creation

The Moboom Studio offers a powerful content ingestion and management system combined with patented adaptive delivery of content that ensures customer websites work on any device. Partners can synchronise any type of content in any file format and create extensions in any coding language. Partners can have a white label version of the Studio which can be accessed by client branded landing pages or website.


Programmatic websites on scale

ClicKIT offers the unique capability to programmatically convert a huge database of structured client data into any number of standalone websites. Data is ingested into the Moboom platform and added to one or more templates. A unique website is then generated for each entry in the content set. The resulting set of sites can be used to showcase what a potential customer site could look like or used as a live site itself with a custom domain, where content remains completely under your control.


Pre-built and data populated, easy to edit business websites

SiteKIT is Moboom’s entry-level web platform solution. We provide 10 high quality templates from our library as a starting point. Partners can create and add as many templates as they want to the Platform. The templates are designed to look great on all devices, particularly mobile. Customer websites can be easily maintained and updated by non-technical people. However if the customer’s business grows and they need to add custom features or design, they can simply upgrade to DevKIT, without having to rebuild their existing site.


Developer version for serious players

DevKIT is perhaps the most powerful, feature rich, hosted web platform in the world today. Developers can build stunning websites using any coding language that they prefer to use, ingest any type and any amount of content and plug in any third party extension they need to. DevKIT has all the fancy drag and drop capabilities of other platforms, but its ability to manage content and have that content work seamlessly with any extensions such as booking engines, contact forms, reward services is peerless.


e-Commerce Module to enable transactions

StoreKIT is Moboom’s out of the box e-Commerce store that enables customers to be up and running, transacting online in next to no time. StoreKIT has all the simple user editing capabilities of SiteKIT with all the power of Devkit to ensure customers never need to re-platform their online store. Customers can easily manage their own products and promotions without needing developer help, however, if you need it; you can call on it.